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Wood Smoking Chunks

Wood Smoking Chunks

 Approx 2.5kg of natural, untreated wood chunks.  

 Choose from a variety of different tree species depending on your flavour preference.

All chunks are made from trees grown in our own woodland or in local fruit orchards.  

Perfect for enhancing the barbeque or firepit cooking experience.  

Sustainably produced and packaged.


Silver Birch

Provides a light smoky taste similar to maple and is ideally suited to cooking poultry, fish, and vegetables such as asparagus and courgette.  Silver Birch is commonly used in winemaking and distilling due to its mineral, zesty flavour. 


Apple is most commonly associated with cooking pork.  It gives off a light, fruity aroma and is particularly effective for longer smoking.  It works well in combination with other sweet woods, like cherry, or with stronger smoking flavours such as oak.  Pork ribs in particular taste best when cooked over oak and it is also well-suited to lamb, poultry, and seafood.

Wild Cherry

A mild, sweet wood that is best suited to beef, poultry, and pork.  It gives a subtly fruity flavour to food and works well either on its own, or in combination with apple or oak.


An excellent all-rounder that goes well with any meat.  It has a reasonably strong smoky flavour, meaning that it pairs well with lighter woods like apple and cherry, but is also a versatile classic by itself.  Oak adds considerable flavour to any barbeque and works especially well with red meat, fish, and game.  It is particularly effective in smoking salmon. 


Ash is a medium-intensity wood that provides a delicate but distinct flavour.  It works best with red meat and fish and tends to burn fast. 


Like most nut woods, hazel produces a strong, fragrant smoke.  It adds a rich flavour to meat and is also a great choice for smoking cheese. 


A hard wood that releases flavour slowly and smoulders with intensity.  Its herbal aroma makes it excellent for cooking light meats and oily fish.  


Gives a delicately sweet flavour and a honeyed scent that works well with pork, game, and poultry.  Alder is the best choice for marinating meats.  

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    Include up to 5 boxes of wood smoking chunks per order.  For larger or wholesale orders, please contact us on or 07766005456.  

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